Sets (Répertoire)

Session 2013/2014

The Hag at the Churn + Banish Misforutne

The Pipe On The Hob + The Hag At The Churn

White crow + Cliffs of Moher + Out on the ocean

Maid Behind the Bar + Banish Misfortune

The Wise Maid + Cooley’s

The connaughman's ramble + Morrison’s + The Kesh

Tam Linn’s (The Glasgow) + Catharsis -+ Sally Gardens

The Mountain Road + The Cup of Tea + Castel Kelly

The Boys of Bluehill + Off to California + The Kesh

The pipe on the Hob + The Hag at the Churn

Foot in the Middle + McGlinchey's

Dinny O'Brien's + Morceau sans nom, déjà joué plusieurs fois

The Maid from Sligo + Speed the Plough

Cooley's + The cup of Tea

The Mountain Road + Paddy's Trip to Scotland

Foot in the Middle + Supperfly

The weeding reel (NEW!) + Sally Gardens + Siobhan O'Donnall's

Old Hag, You Have Killed Me + Dinny Delaney's + Morrison's

Swallow Tail + Road to Erragie (NEW!)

Speed the Plug + Musical Priest (NEW!)

Coleraine + Connaugman’s rambles + Heather Breeze (NEW!)

Christy Barry’s +The Butlers Of Glen Avenue +Dan Collins' Father's Jig

Flatworld + Emma's Valse + Flatwater Fran

Donald Blue + Otter's Trip to Belfast

The Rose in Heather + The Connaughman's Rambles + The Kesh

Fred Finn's + Castle kelly + Red-Haired Lass

Trip To Durrow + Morning Dew + The Galway Rambler

Joe Bane's [Dornoch Link] + Gypsy Princess:

Cow on the Bonnet+Paddy's Gone to France+The Swallow's Tail