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Sessions 2017/18

Slow Session 03/07/2018

Morceaux joués:
  • Bush on the hill** (jig)
  • Tripping up the stairs (jig)
  • The rolling waves (jig)
  • The golded stud (reel)
  • Gareth's Wedding (slip jig)
  • Free and easy/Reel of Rio (reels)
  • The old bush/The congress (reels)
  • Trip to Pakistan (reel)
  • MacLeods Farewell (reel) aka Wedding reel

Slow Session 26/06/2018

Slow Session 19/06/2018
Morceaux joués:
  • Jump at the Sun (jig), en deux tonalitées
  • Reel of Rio (reel)
  • Anthony Frawley's (jig)
  • Palm's Sunday/Scatery Island (slides)
  • Honneymoon (reel)
  • Snowy path (slip jig)
  • Burnt old man (jig)
  • Rolling waves I and II (jigs)
  • Farewell to Connaught (reel)
  • The Spanish Lady (polka)
  • Inisheer/Si Beag Si Mor/Give me your hand/Flat water fran (waltzs)
  • Old harvest home/Off to California/Plaines of Boyle (hornpipes)

Slow Session 05/06/2017
Moreceaux joués:
  • Jump at the Sun (jig)
  • Trip to Pakistan (reel)
  • Honeymoon (reel)
  • Farewell to Chernobyl (reel)
  • Out of the Ocean/Antohony Frawley's (jigs)
  • My love is but a lassie/Dark grirl dressed in blue (polkas)
  • Emma's (valse)
  • Brendan McMahon's (reel)

Slow Session 29/05/2018

Morceaux joués:
  • Trip to Pakistan (reel)
  • Jump at the Sun (jig)
  • Margaret's (waltz)
  • Honeymoon (reel, in Gm)
  • The rights of man (hornpipe)
  • Reel of Rio (reel)
  • Farewll to Chernobyl (reel)
  • Harvest home (hornpipe)
  • Kalyana (jig)
  • Return ot Miltown (reel)
  • Out of the Ocean (jig)

Slow Session 15/05/2018
Morceaux joués:

  • Return to Miltown** (reel)
  • Rights of man (hornpipe)
  • Honeymoon (reel)
  • Reel of Rio (reel)
  • Tip to Pakistan (reel)
  • Plaines of Boyle (hornpipe)
Slow Session 24/04/2018

Morceaux joués:

  • Trip to Pakistan (reel)
  • Honeymoon** (reel)
  • Margareth's (waltz)
  • Irish Washerwoman (jig)
  • Cooley's (reel)
  • The rights of man (hornpipe)
  • The bucks of Oranmore (reel)
  • Jump the sun** (jig)
  • Bill Harte's/The hag at the churn/Morrison's (jigs)
  • Out of the ocean / Burning snowball** (jigs)


Slow Session 10/04/2018

Morceaux joués:
  • Reel of Rio (reel)
  • Trip to Pakistan (reel)
  • Out of the ocean/Clifts of Moher (jigs)
  • Maid behind the bar/ The banshee (reels)

Slow Session 27/03/2018

Morceaux joués:

  • Banish misfortune (jig)
  • Trip to Pakistan (reel)
  • The rolling waves I & Ii (jigs)
  • Superfly (reel)
  • Kalyana (jig)
  • Christy Barry's/Buttlers of Glent Av/Out of the Ocean (jigs)
  • Dusty Windowsil (jig)
  • Morshuil Na Mara (hornpipe)
  • Margareth's (waltz)
  • Britches full of stitches/Ballydesmond III** (polkas)
  • Ballydesmond II** /Finnish polka/The Spanish Lady** (polkas)
  • Harvest home/Off to Californie/Plains of Boyle (hornpipe)
  • Kiss the maid behind the barrel** (reel)
  • Concertina reel/Brendan McMahon's (reel)
  • Speed the plough/Boys of Malin/Gravel walks (reels)
  • Gregs pipes/Green Mountain /Earls chair (reel)
  • The roaring barmaid** (jig)


Slow Session 20/03/2018

Morceaux joués:
  • Trip to Pakistan (Reel)
  • Burnt Old Man** (Jig)
  • Mother's Delight (reel)
  • Pigeon at the gate (reel)
  • Off to California/Plains of Boyle (hornpipes)
  • Rights of Man/Harvest Home (hornpipes)
  • Free & Easy/Reel of Rio (reels)
  • Out of the Ocean/Jim Ward's/The Kesh (jigs)
  • Snowy Path** / The butterfly (slip jigs)
  • The morning dew (reel)
  • L'Air Mignonne (barndance)
  • Cahir's kitchen (reel)
  • The concertina/Brendan McMahon's (reels)
  • Rose in the Heather/Connaughman's Rambles/The Kesh/Morrinson's (jigs)
  • Humours of Tullyknockbrine**/Dinky's/The silver spear/The banshee (reels)
  • Horse Keane's/Peackok's Feathers**/The good natured man** (hornpipes)
  • Anthony Frawley's/Jig of Slurs/Blackthorn Sthick/Calliope House/Christy Barry #1/Buttlers of Glent Av. (jigs)
  • Iníon Ní Scannláin (waltz )

Slow Session 06/03/2018

Morceaux joués:
  • Pigeon on The Gate / Lafferty's / Morning Dew (Reels)
  • The Hag at The Churn (Jig)
  • Out on The Ocean / Kerry Jig / Antony Frawley's (Jigs)
  • The Concertina / Brendan McMahon (Reels)
  • Flatwater Fran (waltz)
  • Calliope House / Blackthorn Stick / Jim Ward's / Kesh (Jigs)
  • Mulqueen's (Free & Easy) / Reel of Rio (Reels)
  • Man of Aran** / Golden Stud (Reels)
  • Silver Spear / Banshee / Road to Errogie (Reels)
  • Lord Mayo** / Brendan Stubbert's / Jimmy's Return / Castlekelly (March+Reels)
  • Emma's (Waltz)
  • Speed The Plough / Boys of Malin / Gravel Walk (Reels)
  • Planxty Irwin / Si Bheag, Si Mhor (O'Carolans)
  • Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine** / The Rights of Man (Hornpipes)


Slow Session 27/02/2018

Morceaux joués:
  • Bill Harte's/Out of the Ocean (jigs)
  • The rolling waves (jig)
  • Mulqueen's (reel)
  • Julia Delaney's (reel)
  • Reel of Rio (reel)
  • The Golden Stud (reel)
  • Kalyana (jig)
  • Oblique/Nina's (jig)
  • Lucy Farr's/Gipsy Princess/Dornock Links (barndances)
  • Anthony Frawley's/Jig of Slurs (jigs)
  • The Concertina/Brendan McMahon's (reels)
  • Buttlers of Glent Av./Out of the Ocean/Leitrim Fancy (jigs)

    Slow Session 20/02/2018

    Morceaux joués:
    • Boys of Blue Hill (hornpipe)
    • The wind that shakes the barley (reel)
    • Donald Blue/Ornett's trip to Belfast (reels-flings)
    • Road to Erroghie (reel)
    • Julia Delaney's (reel)
    • The Gravel Walk (reel)
    • The Kesh/Balrney Pilgrims (jigs)
    • Speed the plough/Boys of Malin (reels)
    • The mapel leafs (reel)
    • Maids of Mt Cisco (reel)
    • The wise maid/The banshee (reels)
    • Buttlers of Glent Avenue/Out of the Ocean (jigs)
    • Sonny's/Vincent Campbell's #1 (mazurkas)
    • Tam Lin (reel)
    • Oblique's/Nina's (jigs)
    • Dennis Murphy/O'Keffee's/Scattery Island (slides)
    • Margaret's (waltz)
    • The dance of the honneybees (barndance)
    • Ferny Hill** (reel)
    • Carpe Diem** (reel)


    Slow Session 14/02/2018

    Morceaux joués:

    • Coen's Memories** (reel)
    • Tripping up the stairs / Irish washerwomen/Dusty windowsills (jigs)
    • The wise maid/Chicago Reel/The maid behind the bar (reels)
    • Free and Easy/Reel of Rio (reels)
    • The Glasgow/Tam Lin (reels)
    • The mapple leaf/Tarbolton's (reels)
    • Anthony Frawley's/The jig of slurs (jigs)


    Slow Session 30/01/2018


    Slow Session 23/01/2018

    Morceaux joués:
    • Joe Cooley's Fancy Reel / Cup of Tea (reels)
    • The Mountain Road / The Reel of Rio (reels)
    • Mulqueen's (Free & Easy pour les intimes) (reel)
    • The Coalminer / The Road to Errogie (reels)
    • Tam Lin (Rém) (reel)
    • Tyra Ava / ??? (OVNI, objet violonistique non identifié) (reel)
    • Antony Frawley's / The Jig of Slurs (jigs)
    • Dance of The Honeybees (barndance)
    • Miss McLeod's / Farewell to Erin / The High Reel (reels)
    • Speed The Plough / Boys of Malin/ Gravel Walk (reels)
    • Dust on The Window's Sill / Tripping Up The Stairs / Rocky Road to Sligo (jigs)
    • Kesh Jig / Slieabh Russell** / East at Glendar (jigs)
    • Pigeon on The Gate / Trip to Durrow / Martin Wynns ?** (Tube Bothy Band) (reels)
    • White Petticoat / Bill Harte's / The Orphan (jigs)


    Slow Session 16/01/2018

    Morceaux joués:
    • Kalyana (jig)
    • The mountain road (reel)
    • Burn old man (jig)
    • I burried my wife and danced upon her grave (jig)
    • Will you come home with me (jig)
    • Fidlers green (jig)
    • Jerry Daly's (hornpipe)
    • The Concertina/Brendan McMahon's (reels)
    • Reel of rio (reel)
    • Tyra Ava (reel)
    • Denny's Murphy/O'Keefe's/Scattery Island (Slides)
    • The goldedn stud/In the tap room**/Dick Gossip's (reels)
    • Monaghan's (jig)
    • Man of Aran (jig)
    • Morshiul Na Mara** (hornpipe)
    • Na Magha** (reel)

    Slow Session 09/01/2018

    Morceaux joués:
    • Reel of rio/Tam Lin (reels)
    • Mulqueen's (Free and easy) (reel)
    • Harvest home (hornpipe)
    • Denny's Murphy/O'Keefe's/Scattery Island (Slides)
    • L'Air Mignonne** (barndance)
    • Donald Blue / Ornet's trip to Belfast (reels,flings)
    • Rose in the heather (jig)

    Slow Session 08/11/2017

    Morceaux joués:
    • Tyra Ava**/Mother's delight** (reels)
    • Harvest home (horpipe)
    • Cooley's/Cup of Tead/Wise Maid (reels)
    • Rolling waves I & II (jigs)
    • Farewell to Uist**/(waltz)
    • Lochabar Badger/Road to Corrandulla** (reels)
    • Out of the Ocean (jig)
    • Tripping up the stairs/Tar road to Sligo** (jigs)

    Slow Session 01/11/2017


    Slow Session 24/10/2017

    Morceaux joués:
    • Heathon Cahppel (reel)
    • Fiddler's Green (jig)
    • Alice's (reel)
    • Liam Childs (slip jig)
    • Cahir's kitchen (reel)
    • Maid behind the bar (reel)
    • Jacky Daly's (hornpipe)
    • Iníon Ní Scannláin (waltz)
    • Flatwater Fran (waltz)
    • Lucy Farr's/Gipsy Princess/Dornock Links (barndances)
    • Banish Misfortune/I burried my wife and danced upon her grave/Jim Ward's/The Kesh/Morrison's (jigs)

    Slow Session 17/10/2017


    Morceaux joués:
    • Mulqueen's (aka Free and Easy) (reel)
    • The road to Errogie (jig)
    • Liam childs (slip jig)
    • Hag at the Churn/Kalyana (jigs)
    • Lucy Farr's/Gypsy Princess/Dornoch Links (barndances)
    • Fiddler's Green (jig)
    • The concertina/ Brendan McMahon's (reels)
    • Cooley's/The cup of tea (reels)
    • Rose in the heather/Connaughtman's rambles/The kesh (jigs)
    • Morrison's (jig)
    • Leaving Britany (waltz)
    • Speed the plough/Boys of Malin/Gravel walks (reels)
    • Harvest home/ Off to California / Plaines of Boyle (hornpipes)

    Slow Session 3/10/2017


    Morceaux joués:
    • Fiddler's Greem (jig)
    • Liam childs** (sleep jig)
    • King of the Fairies (hornpipe)
    • Cooley's/Cup of tea/Wise Maid (reels)
    • Off to California/Harvest home (hornpipes)
    • Drowsy Maggie (reel)
    • High reel/Craig's Pipes (reels)


    Slow Session 26/09/2017

    Quelques morceaux joués:
    • Reel sans nom (joué doucement, en début de la slow).
    • Rose in the heather/Connaughman's rambles/the kesh (jigs)
    • Bo Mhin Na Toitean (strathspey)
    • Pigeon on the gate/Jack Rowe** (reels)
    • Balrneys Pilgrim (jig)
    • Road to Lisdoonvarna/Cooley's/Wise maid (reels)
    • Fiddlers's Green (jig)
    • Maid behind the bar/St. Anne's (reels)

    Slow Session 19/09/2017

    Sélection des morceaux joués:

    • Out of the Ocean (jig)
    • Up Sligo (jig)
    • Donald Blue/Ornetteś Trip to Belfast (reels)
    • Lucy Farr's/Gypsy Princess/Dornoch Links (barndances)
    • Road to Lisdoonvarna**/Cooley's Reel/Wise Maid (reels)
    • Rolling Waves/Rolling Waves (jigs)
    • O'Keefe's/Scattry Islands (slides)
    • Fiddler's Green (jig)
    • Concertina Reel/Brendan McMahon/The Banshee (reels)

    Slow Session 12/09/2017

    Sélection des morceaux joués:
    • Jim Ward's/THe Kesh/Morrison's (jigs)
    • Out of the ocean/[moreceau joué par Louis] (jigs)
    • Lucy Farr's/Gipsy Princess/Drnock Links (barndances)
    • The Concertina/Brendan McMahons (reels)
    • Cooley's/Cup of Tea/Wise Maid (reels)
    • Chicago Reel** (reel)
    • Jacky Dally's/Drummond Castle**/Knockangow (jigs)
    • Banish misfortune/Bill Heart's/Out of the Ocean (jigs)
    • Barbara Needham's**/Brid Harper's**/Bye a while** (jigs)


    Slow Session 5/09/2017


    Morceaux joués:
    • Lucy Farr's**/Gipsy Princess/Drnock Links (barndances)
    • Jim Ward's/The Kesh/Morrison's (jigs)
    • Donybrook Fair/Leitrim Fancy (jigs)
    • Donald Blue/Ornet's trip to Belfast (reels-flings)
    • Denis Murphy's/O'Keefe's (slides)
    • Toss the feathers I & II (reels)
    • Boys of Malin/The Gravel Walk (reels)
    • Harvest Home/Off to California/Boys of Bluehill (hornpipes)
    • Balintor Fancy/Sligo Maid (reels)
    • Speed the Plough/The Ash Plant/Greig Pipes (reels)


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